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Tune into your Frequency

Are you struggling with your game at the moment? Finding it difficult to get the results you desire, or simply becoming easily distracted, forcing more errors to occur? Then the chances are you're not tuning into your frequency. We regularly face lots of "noise" in our daily lives, making it incredibly difficult to focus on what we need to in the moment. Its like sitting in a noisy bar trying to hold a conversation with lots music and chatter going on in the background making it impossible to hear what your friend is saying. The same thing happens when we are playing in a competition, instead of focusing on the shot we are about to play, our attention begins to focus on the noise/distractions going around us. Such as noise from other competitors as we try to take a shot or our mind wandering elsewhere to focus on the score we need to shoot, or the mistake we just made. We are no longer tuned in to the right frequency and begin to focus on what we want to ignore, rather than on what we want to achieve. You know what I'm talking about here suddenly our radar is to set to search all the hazards we need to avoid. Our attention is firmly focused on the issues, amplifying the dangers and our fears! Just like that rabbit frozen on the spot by the glare of the headlights. So how can we take back control when this happens? I have recently been trying out some new techniques to improve my game. For those of you who know me and have played with me recently, I'm sure you will agree the results have been quite dramatic, with me shooting regularly 6 shots or more better than my handicap. I have achieved this quite simply by tuning into my frequency and I'm going to share with you a couple of these techniques to help you achieve the same results. First of all I want you to take a few moments to reflect back to a game where you found it hard to play well. Think carefully about the rhythm of your golf swing - what was the "frequency" like?. Was it forced? Was it quick? Was it manufactured or controlled to create the mechanics? How strong was your grip pressure on the club? Was it tight or loose? (I guarantee it was tight). Make a note on your swing frequency and grip pressure. Now reflect on a time when you played with ease, where each shot was hit with accuracy and from the sweet spot of the club. What was your swing frequency like during this game? I guarantee it was completely different compared to when you played badly. Also consider the pressure of your grip on the club too, was it lighter than before? Again capture the differences and compare the two scenarios. Becoming aware and tuning into your frequency is key to playing your best golf. Once you discover the correct swing frequency and grip pressure you are on your way to taking back control and playing with ease. You then need to practice recreating this set up for each shot and in a short space of time you will find your focus is exactly where it needs to be and the results will follow. Using these techniques has given me the additional advantage of developing a greater feeling for each shot, especially around my short game with more accuracy with shots into

the pin. Ironically I'm swinging with less force on full shots but hitting the ball further than previously and with more consistency - I have quite simply tuned into my frequency. Give it a go this weekend and let me know how you get on. If your would like more about these techniques please contact me to arrange a session

Hope you found this blog interesting, if you would like to learn more about mental toughness please visit our website and get in touch. Drop me an email and let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you. Visit our website and check out our other blogs, there's something in there for everyone.


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