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Unity is strength...

When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved

- Mattie Stepanek

Business Support

Business Owner

Accredited Belbin Assessor

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Being an owner of a business can at times be a lonely place, especially if its a new business or your first time. Most new businesses fail within the first year, simply because the owner is ill-equipped to deal with running a company. Engaging a Mental Toughness Coach can help you with the following;

  • Create a strategic business plan

  • Know your Vital Signs - what you should be monitoring and how

  • Know your customer(s) so you can market effectively

  • Motivate and keep you on track - remove procrastination & learn how to drive your business forward

  • Build your resilience to knock backs/challenges

  • Improve your communication skills (e.g how to pitch your services/products)

  • Body Language - how to use and how to read others

  • Recruitment Advice - we offer psychometric profiling to ensure your investment in new recruits is the best fit for you

Senior Manager/Executive

We all have targets and KPI's to meet, so having a team around you who can deliver is key to making success in business. But at times, we find our teams are not performing as effectively as they should. On paper they appear to be the perfect team, with the best qualifications available and yet, for some reason they are not able to deliver the results you expect. 


As a Mental Toughness Coach, I specialise in creating High Performing Teams (HPT) and have be called in to help numerous management teams, in various sectors to look at why their teams are not delivering results.

Using a variety of tools and techniques I'm able to deliver a Team Dynamics session that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the team. The session looks at how the weaknesses can be resolved as a team and suggests if appropriate where the team's attention needs to focus to improve.

If you would like more information on High Performing Teams please click on the button below.

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