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Stay Mentally Strong

With all the madness of Covid19 and the uncertainty it brings, I thought this week I'd look at giving you some tips to stay mentally strong 1. Acknowledge the way you feel It's ok to be feeling frustrated, anxious, sad or angry, these are all perfectly normal emotions to feel at this difficult time. Don't try to suppress your feeling acknowledge how you feel. its ok to do so. As creatures of habit who like routine and order and unfortunately the virus is forcing us to make changes to the way we go about our duties. We need to bear in mind the restrictions being imposed on us are only temporary, as with any enforced change it creates confusion, leaving us feeling out of control and anxious. Being aware that this is normal will help you to develop coping strategies to deal with the situation. 2. Take the opportunity to develop yourself Why not take this time to develop your skills in an area that you've been putting off, especially if you're having to self-isolate. I've been learning about sport nutrition with an on-line training course. Its been an area that has always fascinated me, so not being able to attend meetings, I've taken the opportunity to develop my knowledge. I'm loving learning a new skill that I know I can use for both myself and people I coach. 3. Create a Routine Making drastic changes to your normal daily routines will come as a surprise to many, especially with all schools closing today. Creating new routines is key to taking back control. Plan your day the evening before and set your alarm clock to get up at a set time. Don't fall into the trap of relaxing and becoming idle, otherwise before you know it you will find yourself procrastinating, becoming bored and your mood dipping. Having a daily routine will make you feel energised. Create a to-do list  - we all love the feeling of completing tasks. Also make sure you boost your mood through the day, with little treats such as giving loved ones a call, taking a coffee and time out for 10 minutes in the garden. 4. Manage your Fear The uncertainty and stress caused by Covid19 gives us an opportunity to learn new ways to manage our fear. Knowing how to control your anxiety will be highly beneficial for your performance in sport once we get through this period. Now is the time to try out different techniques such as mediation, mindfulness or deep breathing to name but a few. Learning how to manage your fear will reduce your stress levels which highly beneficial to your health 5. Become Creative Get your pens, paints and materials out and become creative. Taking time out to paint, sew or build is good for the soul. It will hold your focus whilst quietening your mind, a great way to reduce stress levels. Being creative will limit the time you spend on social media, which is feeding your fear with negative talk and speculation. Tapping into your creative brain is strengthening links in the right-hand side of the brain, which is the area used for visualisation and imagination in sport.  6. Keep exercising It's important to keep your cardio and fitness going, as this too will help reduce any stress you're experiencing. The release of endorphins makes us feel good, combatting low mood and depressive thoughts. Exercising helps strengthen your immune system which is key to fighting any virus. If you're in isolation, there are plenty of videos on-line to access, giving you ideas whilst safely working out at home with limited equipment. If your golf course is still open, get out and practice. There is no reason to reduce your practice regimes, take this opportunity to crank up your training programme to become tournament ready once the all clear is given. Review your goals for the year and look at what changes you need to incorporate into your training regime. Above all stay safe and if you need any additional help please get in touch we're here to help

If you would like to learn more about the mental side of the game visit our website and get in touch. Hope you enjoyed this week's blog, please drop me an email and let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you. Visit our website and check out our other blogs, there's something in there for everyone.


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