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Something different this week

I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling aches and pains I don't normally get and thats because I'm not going to the gym and my exercise classes due to lockdown. I also know that if my body is constantly aching, it's like having tooth ache, it affects my mental wellbeing. Be restricted in what movements I would normally do and having a nagging ache in my back really grinds me down.

Whilst walking my dog this week I was listening to a fascinating podcast talking about different fitness routines and I thought you might be interested in this. It's a simple exercise that can be done at home requiring no equipment. The routine known as CARS, stands for Controlled Articular Rotation. It gets you to exercise every single joint in your body. During lockdown we tend to sit more and limit our movements, which over time causes joints to cease. 

I've managed to find a video on youtube and have attached the link for you to see how simple it is to do. Give it a go, the video gives a full body joint workout, which you can complete in just under 15 minutes.

Simply click on the link below:

Having flexibility and a healthy body is good for everyone, no matter what your age or ability. Do the moves safely and within your own limits and let me know what you think and the benefits you get from this.

Stay safe my friends 

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