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Reflect & Direct

With the weather being so awful and some courses being closed, now is a great time to reflect on how well your game has gone this year. To take some time to reflect on your successes and where things didn't go according to plan. So grab yourself a note book and a cuppa and read on to follow the process I use with my clients.

Start with the Successes - record the successes from your year; starting on a positive note has many benefits including a boost to your confidence. Record your achievements and memorable moments from the season. Getting into the habit of recording your successes, helps to reinforce positive memories, making it easier for you to recall on those skills when playing in competition.   

Review your Statistics - Recording statistics throughout the year, gives you valuable information to review your performance and identify areas of strength and weakness. The information will help inform both you and your coach where you need to focus your attention to drive improvement to your game. If you don't where to start contact me for a Reflect & Direct Session.

Assess your Mental Strength - How good was your mental game this year? Did it hold up when you found yourself under pressure, or was it lacking? Developing your mental strength is just as important as developing technical skills. When facing a pressure putt, or play-off to win a major, you will definitely need your mental game to keep the nerves at bay.  

Set your Goals for the next Season - Set yourself a few targets to achieve, that will challenge and motivate you in the coming months. It could be to break 80, to reduce your handicap by 4 shots or to win a major. Whatever you decide, write it down in your notebook. The act of writing brings the goal to life and subconsciously forces you to commit to the outcome. But as we all know without creating a plan to achieve the outcome we will not take action

Create your Plan - taking each goal, break it down into manageable tasks. Define each exercise/routine and programme into a weekly practice, include how they will be assessed, so that you can review progress throughout the season. This will clarify where any changes need to be made to improve further. In your plan set yourself Performance and Process goals.

Performance goal could be to increase number of fairways hit in regulation (FIR) by 5% in 3 months, or reduce number of putts taken in a round (2 per round).Process goal could be ensure I follow my pre-shot routine each time (more than 65%) 

If you would like help, including crib sheets contact me for a Reflect & Direct Session.

If you would like to learn more about the mental side of the game visit our website and get in touch. Hope you enjoyed this week's blog, please drop me an email and let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you. Visit our website and check out our other blogs, there's something in there for everyone.

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