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Never give up

Golden Rule No1 in Mental Toughness - Never Ever Give Up

Last weekend I witnessed two fabulous examples of Golden Rule No 1 in Mental Toughness - Never Ever Give Up and just couldn't miss the opportunity to share them with you in this week's blog

The first was the Calcutta Cup on Saturday. This is part of the 6 nations rugby tournament, where England and Scotland play for this trophy. It's always a great match, watching the two rivals battle it out on the pitch. Scotland won it last year and it looked like England would be taking the trophy home this year, at half-time, with a score of 31-0. But the Scottish team came out onto the pitch in the second half with such determination, that they scored 2 tries in 10 minutes. Their resilience and unshakeable belief, held them in good stead, as they went on to do the unthinkable. Not only did they bring the score back to level, they continued to dominate the game to take the score to 38-31! True grit, each one a Braveheart in their own right.  England haven been shaken by the turnaround of events, regrouped in the last few minutes to save the game and end in a draw. Such an exciting match and the best ever comeback known in the game after being 31-0 down.  

On Sunday I saw a second example whilst watching the final holes being played in the inaugural Kenya Open on the European Tour. I was mesmerised watching a young Italian Player, Guido Migliozzi take not only his first win, but also his first top 10 spot on the European Tour. What made this so special was to find out that he had failed 5 times previously at Q-School to obtain his tour card. True mental toughness not only gave him his tour card but also without doubt secured his win on the tour in his first year.

So my message is really simple this week, Rule Number 1 in Mental Toughness is Never Ever Give Up - persistence and resilience will reward the patient player, in both the game of sport and life.

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