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Mindset Matters

We all have the freedom to choose what we believe in. If you're not getting the results you had been hoping for, it could simply be down to adopting the wrong mindset. The good news is that our mindsets are not fixed in stone, they can change throughout the day. Just like the beliefs we choose, we can also choose which mindset to use. Let me try and explain why our choice of mindset has such an impact on our results. Typically our learning process looks like this;

Where belief fuels action. Action leads to growth. Growth reinforces the belief.

No matter how big or small our belief is, we’re more likely to take action, when we truly believe.

Quite often the actions that create growth are obvious. Like going to the gym for example and regularly lifting weights.  Over time we will see a change in body shape, which reinforces the belief that weight training builds muscle. Seeing the results causes the person to take more action, which in turn leads to greater results, thereby building a stronger belief. A self-fulfilling cycle resulting with a strong true belief. Warning!! Having just a strong belief, will not get you results without taking action - Action is the key to growth! Sadly this process can also work against us, especially if we operate in a fixed mindset. For example, I regularly hear people tell me I can't draw when they see my paintings. Everyone has the ability to draw, artists aren't born creative, they have to learn the skills like any other talent. And as part of the learning, they make a few mistakes along the way, learning to adjust and grow.  If you start with a limiting belief, such as "I can't draw," guess what happens? You fail to take take the necessary action to grow, by putting in very little effort. When you're not prepared to put in the effort, the chances are you will not stick to the challenge and most definitely will not be open to experimentation. You'll also probably give up easily when faced with any obstacles or mistakes. And I can guarantee you will also fail to take any feedback and make necessary adjustments to grow. So it should come as no surprise when there is a lack of results, which only leads to reinforcing you're belief "I can't draw". Whereas, in actual fact you didn't give it your best shot and gave up all too easily.  Quite simply - Without action, you see no progress which reinforces your limiting belief. Mindsets matter, they can either feed or impede our progress.

  • Growth requires action, lots of it, if we want to get good results.

  • Progress can sometimes be slow or limiting and not always easy to see at first.

  • Sometimes the action involves making adjustments to our strategies, rather than putting in more time and effort.

Here's the good news - we can take control, by changing our beliefs and building a growth mindset How do we build a growth mindset?

  1. Look back and remember what skills you have achieved. As part of this reflection consider this - when you first start out, you're not very good, but practice makes perfect. Learning to adapt and make changes gets results - eg It's like learning to ride your bike without stabilisers. At first you kept falling over, struggling to get your balance, but over time making small adjustments and learning from your mistakes, you were able to develop the skills required. 

  2. Learn new skills - challenge yourself to learn something new regularly. No matter what age, we are all capable of developing new skills and over a few weeks, you will see this is true. Push yourself to develop skills in new areas such as learning a new language, or take up dancing classes. Seeing the results will confirm "I Can"

  3. Neuroplasticity - the brain is designed to change, activating new areas within its structure makes it stronger. Think of your brain as another muscle, it requires a regular workout, to be stretched and challenged to get stronger - Just like your body, one workout will not create a 6-pack!

Hope you found this blog interesting, if you would like to learn more about mental toughness please visit our website and get in touch. Drop me an email and let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you. Visit our website and check out our other blogs, there's something in there for everyone.


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