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Mindset is what set us apart

Have you ever stopped to think what sets people apart, from those who are successful in what they do and those who struggle to succeed? Some might say its luck, and that might be true for a few, but in reality its more down to MINDSET. Having the right mindset to achieve.

Your mindset is how you perceive the world, a mental perspective of your interpretation of the events you experience. It's very similar to the lens of a camera with a filter attached to change the perspective of the photo taken. I'm sure most of you have at some stage either seen or played with the settings on your mobile phone to distort or enhance the photo you've taken. Your mindset can and does the same thing to you, as you view a scene through your eyes. Depending on whats going on around you at the time, your emotions or feelings will act as the filter to distort or enhance what you are seeing.

Lets take an example to bring this to life. Imagine you're playing in a major competition, it could be your club championship. First hole you miss a simple 3 foot putt. Since this is the first hole of a 36 hole competition, you will no doubt, be slightly miffed at missing the putt. However your filter will reason, this is the first of many holes, leaving you feeling relatively calm and in control of your game. Now consider this same simple putt being missed on the final hole to win the championship. Suddenly the same missed putt has far more consequence resulting in a stronger emotional outburst. Both instances are exactly the same scenarios, but each has a different mindset and interpretation attached to it.

Which mindset would have an impact on future 3 foot putts? You see mindset matters. The situations we find ourselves in, will have an impact on our lives. Everything we do throughout the day, is influenced either by our past experiences or our beliefs about what will happen. Nothing happens on our road to success without the influence of our mindset.

Try this simple exercise to overcome obstacles that repeatedly hold you back from succeeding Take a few minutes and think about what has influenced your interpretation of an experience? Was it your past experience or concerns about the future?

Once you've assessed this then think about how you could have interpreted the information differently?

Finally what aspect of that experience do you feel was under your control - your mindset, your response or a combination of both?

Faced with that same situation what do you need to do differently?

If you would like to learn more about the mental side of the game please get in touch or check out our other blogs, there's something in here for everyone.


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