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Done for your practice schedule

Practice makes Perfect - We all know the importance of practicing, if we want to improve in our game right?

Like you, my time is precious and so, I want to ensure that when I set some time aside to practice, it needs to be effective. Having the right practice plan, means I can go out and enjoy my game whilst giving it my best shot.

All the pros on tour dedicate time to improving their game and each one understands the importance of knowing what to practice and when. Lets take Dustin Johnson, he spends 90 minutes before going to the tee. During that time he will practice on average 200 shots, 65% of which, are greater then 100 yards. Now lets compare this to Jason Day. He spends an hour before going to the tee, during which he will play 70 shots, of which only 38% are greater than 100 yards. The importance, is knowing what to practice on to get results. 

As a mental toughness coach I see lots of players practicing, week in, week out without much thought as to why they are practicing and never considering if the routines they are using are actually helping them to improve. 

How would you like a schedule created especially for you? Giving you the opportunity to follow a clearly defined routine based on your handicap and time available.  

How would you like a step by step routine that shows you what to practice and how often? Ensuring your commitment and attention is being focused in the right areas to give you the results you desire.

How would you like to get your practice sessions so that they transfer with ease out on to the course? Thereby developing your mental toughness to let you compete with confidence.

Well its easier than you thought, simply contact me for a session and we will set up your training schedule, to unlock your true potential.


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