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Develop a Winning Mindset

Many players become fixated on results to the detriment of their game. Being focused on results sets expectations for the player at the start, which not only adds pressure but can also demotivate when the game doesn't going according to plan. To prevent setting high expectations try this tactic instead. It will keep you focused on the process and give you something to play for right to the end. The idea is to keep a tally on the following and to achieve a minus score, the higher the better. You gain -1 for each of the following;

  1. Bouncing back from bogeys with a par or better score

  2. finishing a hole par or better

  3. getting up and down from 15 yards

  4. Making a birdie putt outside of 5 feet

  5. Keeping your emotions on an even keel through good and bad holes

  6. Making a up and down from the bunker with a single putt

You gain +1 for each of the following;

  1. Misclubbing

  2. Taking risky shots - bad course management

  3. Remaining angry after next shot

  4. Thinking about "needing to make a shot/putt" 

  5. Playing a shot without going through a pre-shot routine

  6. Playing the shot when your not fully committed

At the end of the round total your score to see how mentally strong you performed. Your aim is to improve your minus score each time you play

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