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ABC Game Plan

My regular readers will know that I love listening to podcasts whilst walking my dog. I love being out in the open and if I'm pounding the streets instead of walking along the river, I take the opportunity to listen to various experts to develop my knowledge, so that I share the information with you guys. Today was no exception as I listened to an interview with Dan Abrahams who used to be the Lead Psychologist for England Golf. He ended his talk with an interesting discussion around developing your game plan. For so many we focus purely on improving our A game in the hope it will deliver the best results. However what I'm about to share with you, may get you to rethink this strategy. Dan talked about his days at England Golf working with the amateur players, who were lucky to gain insights into players on tour, some of which had come through the England Golf squads. One of his regular talks with the playing squads would be around reviewing their game plans. He would start off by asking who they considered to be the best player in the world. Rory McIlroy's name would often be mentioned along with Tiger Woods. In reality it didn't matter whose name came out as it was the follow up question that packed the punch. Taking who you believe to be the best player out there at present, consider for a moment how often they actually play their "A Game". That is to say playing at their best, shooting low 60's and making hardly any mistakes. In reality at best this would be 10%. Now consider how often they would play their "B Game", again a similar figure of 10% would be the agreed number. More often than not they will be playing either their D or C Game. Hence if the top players in the world on tour playing week in week out are scoring and winning with their C or D Game Plan, why should the average amateur golfer be any different? All too often when faced with a competition, we tend to default to focusing on our A Game plan and for many players that means focusing on perfect swing mechanics. Now I'm not saying swing mechanics are not important, the basic set up is of course the foundations to the game. However focusing on perfecting your swing mechanics alone will not win you the match or trophies. You need to take a reality check and think about how you actually perform by considering you C and D games, where should you focus you attention to drive in improvements. For example if your typical C game means your drive may be a little wayward, accept that at times it maybe ugly and what type of recovery shots should you practice to get the ball back into play, is it low punch shots to get the ball out of the trees and back onto the fairway? Placing your attention on these areas will help improve your C game and before you know the results will come too. Give it a go this weekend and let me know how you get on. If your would like more information on these techniques please contact me to arrange a session

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