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3 Tips from Pro on Tour

I'm often asked to share any top tips that I've found from pros on tour, so this week here are 3 of my favourites, starting with Arnold Palmer who famously said “Golf is deceptively simple, endlessly complicated. It is gratifying and tantalising, precise and unpredictable. It requires complete concentration and total relaxation. It satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time, rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.” 

Arnold Palmer - Whilst practising putting at a course one day, he walked over to a young golfer who was practising chipping from the edge of the green. The words of wisdom he gave to the young rookie, proved to nuggets of gold, as years later he went to win a major taking the advice. His words of wisdom were, always putt from the edge of the green, you can control the ball far greater than you ever will even with your best chip.

Chris Wood recently shared this tip for great wedge play, with the county boys in Gloucestershire as he spent a day working with the squad.  To remove any doubt on which club to take, to attack the pin. First identify the distance for each wedge for a full swing, 3/4 swing and half swing. Once you have these distances confirmed, with a sharpie mark the 3 distances on shaft of the club just below the grip. Top one being full swing, middle 3/4 swing and bottom mark defines distance for half swing.

And one from a top coach to the players, Butch Harman - This tip is very old and most golfers know it well by now. However, it still ranks as one of the single best ways to lower your score and your handicap.

65% of the shots we make during each and every round, are from under 100 yards. This is why it’s so important to learn how to play (and master) all the short shots available to you, like bunker shots, chip shots, pitch shots, wedge shots, and putting.

“If your long game never improves, and you improve your short game, you will drop 4 to 5 strokes per round.”

If you would like to learn more about the mental side of the game please get in touch or check out our other blogs, there's something in here for everyone.


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