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If you want to gain an edge on the rest of the players in

your competition then you’ve come to the right place. 

Technically you can be the best player on the planet, but if your not mentally tough, you’ll never achieve your goals. The reason being, as soon you’re put under pressure to perform, stress and anxiety will take over, which in turn affects your performance and erodes your confidence.  Now that’s not where you want to be, it’s a downward spiral with golfers potentially ending up with the shanks or yips.



So what can you do to achieve Mental Toughness?


Lets start with an explanation on what Mental Toughness is…..


Performance = Potential – Interference



In order to perform at our best we need to remove interference from the potential we have. Interference comes in a numbers of disguises such as Stress, Anxiety, Lack of Confidence or Self-Limiting Beliefs. By removing the interference from the equation the only thing that limits our performance is our potential.


Hopefully, this simple equation explains why being technically brilliant is not enough to excel in performance. To reach your true potential you need to know how to tap into your mental toughness and be able to utilize it when it matters – when you need to perform under pressure.



How do I tap into Mental Toughness?


I have worked with a number of golfers from Tour/Elite players to juniors and no matter what your age or ability everyone can improve their performance by taping into their mental toughness.


Some of you no doubt already know the importance of regular exercise; how working out in the gym can improve your strength and core. And of course to improve your technical skills the importance of practicing both long and short game aspects at the range and on the course.   So it should come as no surprise that you also have to train your brain to improve your mental skills of the game.


Once you’ve learnt the Mental Toughness skills you will be able to:


-  Stand over the ball with complete confidence and take your shot with true commitment

-  Follow a routine that will guarantee consistency

-  Bounce back quickly from knock-backs and mistakes so that it doesn’t impact the rest of your game.

-  Learn how to focus and let go of what doesn’t matter

-  Silence your mind, remove those last minute negative thoughts or self-doubts

-  Remain composed under pressure – remove tension and replace with focus

-  Motivate yourself to achieve your true potential

-  Recognise the pitfalls and mental traps and how to deal with them



Would you like to reach your true potential?


We have devised a flexible system to help you develop these skills so that you can learn at your own pace in a way that suits your learning style best.


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Mental Toughness

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