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How to Assess and Address

Golden Rule of Golf – Stats are key to the road of success!

If you want to improve your performance you must keep golfing stats. If you want to reduce your handicap, you must keep stats. If you want to become a scratch player you must keep stats. If you want to become a tour pro, you have no other option but to keep stats.



Stats focus your attention on areas that need improving. Without stats, your unable to clearly define your weaknesses. Keeping a detailed record of your stats will confirm your strengths and highlight where you need to focus your attention to improve your performance. Keeping a record over time will also show which interventions are giving you the best results, and changes you need to make, to your routines to improve.


Keeping stats also informs your golf professional on where to focus attention to help you achieve your goals. After all it no good turning up for a coaching session and your coach gets you hit a basket of balls to assess your swing if your short game is stopping you from achieving your goal.


I know lots of people who rock up to a lesson with the goal of breaking 90, 80 or 70, the reasons for being unable to achieve these goals can be numerous, it could be struggling to get their drives away, missing the greens in regulation or taking too many putts. Collating your stats and being able to share them with your coach ensures the advice given can be tailored to suit your needs.


I recently attended Formby Hall for a putting lesson with the guys who work with some of the leading pros on tour. A part of the assessment I was asked to give information about the problems I was experiencing with my putts. It was so helpful to be able to say with confidence that I missed 60% of my putts to the left of the hole on a flat green. This identified a miss-alignment in my set-up with my shoulders. Camera angles from above confirmed this to be true and the coach was able to correct my posture for addressing the ball.


What data to collect and How?

There are numerous ways to record your stats:

-  On-line Programmes such as

-  Some measuring devices you use on the course, can also be used to capture your data

-  We can highly recommend Mario Beky’s Yardage to capture yours shots and putts data


Alternatively, download for free our Course Stats Sheet and Putt for Dough Sheet


To avoid disrupting play, note down your stats whilst waiting for others to hit their drives, or walking to your next shot. You can of course record your stats at the end of the game, or a combination of some on the course and others after you’ve completed – choose which method suits you best.

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