Confident people inspire confidence in others: their clients, their sponsors, their bosses or peers. Gaining the confidence of others is how we succeed in life. 

Your level of self-confidence can be seen by others in many ways, such as your behaviour, how you speak, what you say, how you use your body language to name but a few. 

Which camp are you sitting in?

Low Confidence

Staying in your comfort zone, avoiding taking risks and afraid of failing

Constantly trying to cover up your mistakes

People pleasing; afraid of what others may think of you


Willing to take the risks and give 100% to achieve success

Admitting to your mistakes and learning from them

Doing what you believe is right, following your values, even if others may criticise or make fun of you

Your level of self-confidence can be seen by others in many ways.


People with low confidence come across as being negative – they are known as Life's Drainers; sapping energy from others. Limit your time spent with these people, not only will they destruct themselves, they'll take you down too.






Confident people have positive mindsets – they believe and trust in their own abilities and skills. They love living life to the full. Confident people are Life's Radiators; they energise and inspire others. Spending time with these people will excite and invigourate you



Building Self- Confidence

The good news is we can all learn how to be confident.  The bad news is that this isn’t a quick fix, but once you’ve learned the techniques and are committed to seeing them through, you will have the building blocks to create your own self-confidence and success.


Achieving Self-Confidence

At BrainTrain4 we will take you a 3-step plan that will:

Step 1 – Assess where you’re at – to take stock of where you are currently and what you have achieved


Step 2 – Look at where you want to go and what’s important to you


Step 3 – Take control to create a positive mindset - by removing self-sabotage tactics and negative self- talk

If you would like help in building your confidence please contact me

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