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Its all about Mindset

Mindset is King!  Developing the 'right' mindset will ensure success in whatever you chose to do. But how do you develop the right mindset?

Carol Dweck a professor at Stanford University has been researching mindsets for over 30 years and has discovered there are two types of mindset:

A Fixed mindset where you believe skills are something you’re born with. You either have them or not. You simply can’t learn new skills and grow.A Growth mindset you believe new skills can be built, enabling you to grow and develop. Each mindset begins with BELIEF.

In a Fixed Mindset, you believe you can't achieve and therefore find it difficult to take action. Any obstacles you face reinforces you're wasting your time. Any feedback given on your progress, is taken as criticism. Consequently your efforts are reduced and so are your results. Not achieving your goals confirms your belief that new skills can not be learnt and you're unable to develop and grow.

Conversely with a Growth Mindset, you start off with a strong belief that you can achieve. Embracing the challenge you throw yourself wholeheartedly into taking action, working hard to achieve the results you desire. Any mistakes made along the way, are taken as learning opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge. Feedback is encouraged as you want to know how to improve. You remain committed to the programme and begin to see the results, which in turn reinforces your belief that you can achieve. 

So how can you develop a Growth Mindset? Your brain is like a muscle, it develops when its stretched and worked. The more you work it, the better/stronger it becomes. To learn new skills you need to challenge your brain. Skills are built not born. Taking yourself outside of your comfort zone and putting yourself into a challenging environment, stretches the brain allowing you to develop and grow. Making mistakes is part of the process, and rather than fearing the failures embrace them, take them as a gift to help you learn new skills. Be aware that playing it safe will not help you grow as a person. Be prepared to take calculated risks, challenge yourself, you are far more capable of achieving than you know.

Next week we are going to look at how to unlock your true potential and make this year your best ever 

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